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Basic build-up is a straight "out of the box build" with lighting in the fusion core, interior overhead lights and flashing top bubble.
Hulls on all of our build-ups are painted using automotive lacquers and clear coated to protect the finish.
All interior parts are airbrushed with accurate hand painted details.
Interior colors are accurate to those used on the TV series. 


This is a new item we have just introduced.  This version recreates the 4 ft. Jupiter 2 filming miniature with translucent backlighted screen behind the viewport, rotating fusion core and motorized flashing top bubble radar beacon.


LED lighting beneath elevator and freezing tube bases
LED backlighting on 3 main flight control radar panels
LED backlighting on 9 frosted panels behind freezing tubes
Additional wiring detail on freezing tube regulators
Additional ladder rung with LED lighting coming from lower deck

Additional detailing on side of communications wall
LED lighting in red "guidance system" alcove and main circuitry panel

Landing gear well lighting
Ultimate build-up includes all options listed above plus the following features: 
Blinking and static fiber optics in accurate colors installed in communications panels
Static fiber optics intalled in cabin pressure control, space pod airlock control panel and elevator podium 
Blinking fiber optics in overhead freezing tube panels
3 scratch built B-205 cockpit computer units with blinking fiber optics 

The following options can be added to any Jupiter 2 project.  Contact us for availablility and price information.

Robinson freezing tube figures
Customized Johnny Lightning B9 Robot
Customized 120 second sound chips with engine and in-flight sounds FX


This set of  beautifully sculpted figures is designed for the Moebius Models Lost In Space Jupiter 2 model kit.  The figures depict the 5 members of the Robinson family and their Pilot, Major Don West in their silver space suits.  The figures may be mounted in the freezing tubes inside the model to complete your Moebius Jupiter 2 project.  Modified Johnny Lightning Robot is also available.


This is the model that every Lost in Space fan has been dreaming of since producer Irwin Allen's classic television series made its debut on CBS on September 15, 1965!

An accurate large scale version of the Robinson family's iconic spaceship, Jupiter 2.  The completed model is an impressive 18" in diameter with a full upper deck interior which replicates the 20th Century Fox standing set in unbelievable detail. 

This project is available with Season 1, 2 or 3 colors and detail modifications.

  Landing gear is available in  your choice of  "deployed" or "in flight" position.

Full LED and Fiber Optic lighting options are also available. 
 Model is powered by batteries with all wiring and switches contained in the lower hull.  Micro-Miniature toggle switches are concealed in the landing gear wells .  

All lighting on the model can be activated without having to separate the hulls.
Upper hull is removable so that you can view all of the interior details.

Several levels of build-ups available for the Moebius Jupiter 2 are available.  Please call for pricing information. You can either send the model kit or it  will be included  in the total cost.


This item requires professional packing due to its size. The combined packing (all models are double boxed to ensure safe  delivery, shipping & insurance cost (U.S. only) is usually between $150 - 175 for USPS & UPS   Let us know which service you prefer and we can get you a shipping estimate . Shipping costs for Jupiter 2 models will be paid directly through our UPS store we use in Tucson, AZ.

A complete redesign of the lighting system on  the Moebius  Jupiter 2 models has been done  to incorporate new optional features including fading LED's in the freezing tube walls, new sound chips and motorized radar beacon with lights under top bubble.  Please contact for full details.