Customized Build-Up : 

(Polar Lights Jupiter 2 model is not included in this cost.  We have a limited stock available)

All of our Polar Lights Jupiter 2 build-ups have a modified 1 piece upper hull which eliminates the  removable "roof" piece included in the kit 

The porthole beside the main hatch has been repositioned to its proper location.  Teather line hooks and hatch controls have been added

The main control section has been built up to its correct contour and height.  3 Scratch built "Burroughs B-205" are added to the area above the console

Accurate graphics for magna panels, general alarm, main circuitry panel & main flight conotrols 

Overhead LED lighting

32 LED rotating fusion core circuit

Top dome lighting

Scratch built "gyroscope" below General Alarm unit

Scratch built "vector tape" flight recorder ,"compu-translator" & cabin pressure control unit

Scratch built in scale astrogator replaces the under sized kit supplied piece 

Scratch built elevator cage and podium

Scratch built freezing tube bases ,"static discharge units" & "freezing element generators"

Scratch built communications panels and periscope viewer

The top hull is removable to display the spaceship's interior details. 

The incorrect molded "bench" type seats have been removed and replaced by accurate pilot seats

Scratch-built landing illuminated landing gear wells

Corrected landing gear with aluminum telescoping struts, hand wound springs and upgraded resin foot pads

 Deluxe Build-Up:

Deluxe build-up includes options listed above plus the following features:

Freezing tube base lighting

LED Illuminated "gyroscope"

LED Illuminated flight controls

3 Scratch built illuminated main radar flight control panels 

Blinking fiber optics in overhead freezing tube panels

Backlighting of freezing tube walls and main circuitry panelScratch built ladder rungs and open "floor hatch" leading to lower deck